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Since the early nineties, La Barra's centre has became one of the hottest spots of Punta del Este's nightlife.

Originally, La Barra grew due to the influx of people who chose the area because of its peace and quiet.

Nowadays, it has become a reference point for fads and fashions, and it is a live "who is who".

In a few blocks are crowded the most popular bars, pubs, clothes stores, together with well-known restaurants and art galleries.

It is the compulsory meeting point for young people, generally between one and three a.m., before dancing. Another popular point is immediately after crossing the bridge.

On both sides of the road there are pubs and discos, where mostly teenagers hang out.

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About the zone La Barra and its spots

Contrary to popular belief, La Barra was created as tourist resort and was not originally a fishing village, though fishing - especially the species corvina negra - is a classic of the area. The inhabitants of the city of San Carlos, which is inland, were the first to build houses there. ...



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City Tour Clásico

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Espacio Blanco

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Espacio Blanco

Punta del Este

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Megal Supergas Maldonado

Empresas | Proveedores de gas

Megal Supergas Maldonado


Distribución de gas en nuestro local de Maldonado y a domicilio para las localidades de Maldonado,...

Dr. Diego Gastón Quadri Rodríguez

Profesionales | Abogados

Dr. Diego Gastón Quadri Rodríguez

Punta del Este

Doctor en Derecho y Ciencias Sociales. Egresado de la Universidad de la República. ...


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