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Punta del Este 12


For Rent

A1698 Art Boulevard: 2 bedroom and 2 bathrooms overlooking the sea to the beach Mansa

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At the level of the fourth floor, very nice apartment with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, main en suite to the front side of the building, sleeps four.

Large living room with access to balcony with barbecue.

air conditioning and cable TV in every room.

full kitchen with laundry and washing machine.

Building with excellent amenities, outdoor pools for adults and children, heated, dry and wet saunas, gym, game room, mini cinema and barbecue areas with capacity modulated rooms.

At 100 meters from the Mansa up to the stop 2 beach service and beach staff.


  • Capacity

    Two people in a double bed in the suite and up to two people in twin beds in second bedroom. 

  • Suites (Bedroom + Bathroom)

    In front, it equipped with air conditioning and cable TV.

    It offers views to the front of the building on the beach Mansa and the sunsets of Punta del Este.

    complete interior bathroom with shower, glass screen and whirlpool. 

  • Bedrooms

    Second bedroom to equipped with two single beds, air conditioning and cable TV.

    It is overlooking east on the back of the building. 

  • Bathrooms

    Interior completely. Shower, shower curtain and bath. 

  • Living room


    Large living room with access to balcony in L. Very bright.

    Equipped with air conditioning and cable TV. 

  • Dining room


    Generated income to the living room area equipped with rectangular glass and wood table with six chairs. 

  • Lounge


    Environment generated towards the front of the apartment, equipped with cable TV and air conditioner.

    Furnished with three bodies chair in L and single armchair around a low table in glass and wood.

    It provides views of Mansa beach and the bay of Punta del Este. 

  • Terrazas

    L large balcony terrace with barbecue.

    It has octagonal table and chairs next to the barbecue. 

  • Kitchen


    Large outdoor kitchen with access to terrace balcony.

    Equipped with double sink countertop with stainless steel, furniture and low shelves and countertops, electric stove in glass ceramic, electric oven, microwave and refrigerator. 

  • Laundry


    Space in the kitchen to the front of the apartment with access to the terrace balcony.

    Equipped with washing machine and sink in stainless steel. 

  • Telephone


    Telephone exchange building. 

  • Heating


    underfloor heating with individual control. Air conditioning / heating in all environments. 

  • TV system



  • Internet access



  • Furnishing


    Complete and in excellent condition. 

  • Barbecue in the apartment


    Barbecue on the terrace balcony next to the kitchen. 

  • Garage


    A unit in the basement garage. 

  • Pets allowed?



  • Views


    From living room, suite and kitchen, to the Mansa beach on the west.

    From the second bedroom, to the east of the building. 

Building Services

  • Porter's lodge


    Reception staff 24 hours. Building manager and staff and maintenance garage. 

  • Maid Service


    Daily maid service. 

  • Security Services


    Access Control CCTV in public spaces and garage. 

  • Communications


    Telephone exchange building and internet access. 

  • Barbecue Services


    Barbecues spaces on the ground floor with modulated capacity. 

  • Spa Services


    Wet and dry sauna, massage room. 

  • Pools

    Outdoor pool for adults, outdoor pool for children and heated pool. 

  • Game Room

    Playroom for children and adolescents. 

  • Microcinema


    Microcine with comfortable individual seats. 

  • Gym


    Full gym mezzanine level with treadmills, stationary bikes and weight systems. 

  • Courts

    Multipurpose court building located building. 

  • Beach service


    At stop 2 of Mansa beach. 


The Mansa zone or Mansa beach, belongs to the Punta del Este locality.

If the beach is taken into account, its coast limit is determined by the course of the Claudio Williman ravine, that is, it starts at stop 1 and ends at stop 25.

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First quarter of January

USD 5.800

Second quarter of January

USD 5.000

First quarter of February

USD 4.000

Second quarter of February

USD 3.500

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