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For Sale

A1685 Miami Boulevard II: two and three bedroom apartments in Mansa beach

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After the success of Art Boulevard and tower one of Miami Boulevard, the construction of Miami Boulevard II advances.

Represents a great opportunity to own in apartments of two and three bedroom unit with constructive and quality of services already offered by the tower one.

The price is an estimate and corresponds to the unit 204.

See here details Miami Boulevard I and start enjoying your new investment on the beach Mansa.

See now the payment with initial delivery and equal and consecutive installments.

Property status

  • Progress of work


    In completion stage. 

Building Services

  • Porter's lodge


    Building manager, oversees the operation of the building and maintenance. 

  • Maid Service


    General cleanliness of the apartment, bathroom, kitchen and laying beds. 

  • Security Services


    Staff at reception and seasonal Garage Attendants, cameras in areas of access to the building. 

  • Communications


    Telephone exchange with internal interconnection units. 

  • Barbecue Services


    Departments themselves on the terraces, plus lounges forecast commonly used in broiler service area. 

  • Spa Services


    Dry sauna and finland shower, changing rooms, rest and relaxation. Wet Sauna 

  • Pools

    Exterior adult good size for kids outdoor and indoor. 

  • Game Room

    Forecast playground, several tables and recreational space. 

  • Microcinema


    Area for LCD TV and Home Theater. 

  • Gym


    Area aerobics and fitness area, with air conditioning and new equipment. 

  • Laundry


    Washer and dryer to chips in projected area. 

  • Courts

    Tennis, golf cage. 

  • Beach service


    Forecast service once operational in Pda. 5 of Mansa beach. 


The Mansa zone or Mansa beach, belongs to the Punta del Este locality.

If the beach is taken into account, its coast limit is determined by the course of the Claudio Williman ravine, that is, it starts at stop 1 and ends at stop 25.

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Sale price

USD 260.000

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