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Punta del Este 10


For Sale

C1595 Great residence of 7 bedrooms with pool in the heart of Burnett Park

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In forest environment and important residences, large house with large rooms and lots of light, pool and large park facing north.

Developed over two floors, has seven bedrooms, three on the ground floor - two  suites - and four bedrooms upstairs - two  suites -.

Ideal for big families with guests.

Located in the heart of Burnett Park five minutes from the beach up to Mansa near Pinares area.


  • Capacity


    19 people very comfortable. 

  • Suites (Bedroom + Bathroom)

    Two upstairs, one double and one twin. 

  • Bedrooms

    A downstairs bedroom with bunk bed and a single bed.

    Two bedrooms upstairs, one with four beds and the other with two single beds. 

  • Bathrooms


  • Living room


    Large living room with double height ceiling and fireplace.

    Overlooking the park with pool, facing north. Very bright.

    Spread over three areas within the continuum. Next to the stove, two armchairs, one of three bodies and the other of two bodies, with wood coffee table.

    Towards the east wing, atmosphere with a loveseat and a single.

    Complete furniture round table with four chairs. 

  • Dining room


    Very large dining room in the style of other rooms of the house. Located in the East Wing corridor with access from the living room side movement.

    It offers views of the park and the east side of the house.

    Conditioning with large wood table with seating for 14 people. 

  • Lounge


    Great play room upstairs as a gallery above the living.

    Conditioning with TV space equipped with flat screen TV.

    Ping-pong table. 

  • Kitchen



  • Laundry


    Laundry room. Located off the kitchen with access to it and also independent.

    Conditioning with sink and washing machine. 

  • Heating



  • TV system



  • Security Services


    Perimeter alarm sensors in the garden and inside the house. 

  • Furnishing


    Classic, simple lines in bedrooms.

    Wood and rattan furniture, chairs according to the style of the house. 

  • Views


    Forest environment and residential parks. 

Other amenities and services

  • Pools


    Outdoor pool of important dimensions. Located in the park along the north side of the house gets sun all day.

    It has chairs. 

  • Park


    Great park. Front and east side of the house with hills and low shrubs.

    Clear in the vicinity of the pool and barbecue. 

  • Barbecue


    Indoor BBQ in the style of the house construction.

    Equipped with grill, sinks and countertops. 

  • Garage


    Crescent parking in front of the house. 


Barrio joven creado a partir de una fisonomía de calles de balasto, manzanas irregulares respetando generosos jardines, lomadas, desniveles, bosque de pinos marítimos y casas de techo liviano de paja, los clásicos "Quinchos".

Barrio costero...   +  


Sale price

USD 860.000

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