Martes, 16 de Julio de 2024

Punta del Este 12



Playa Brava



Playa Brava is, among the beaches close to the peninsula, the most popular.

Its sands are thicker than the Mansa's, and the waters are stronger and saltier.

It lies towards the sunrise, and it is frequent to see party goers, all dressed up, watching the sun come up.

The more massive concentration points are due to the seaside restaurants or "paradores", among which the most notables are: Playa Brava, La Olla, Pappa Charlie and La Plage.

Between one and the other there are vast empty spaces.

The area closest to the peninsula is called "the fingers", due to the sculpture of a hand that is found at the entrance to that portion of the beach.

Parasols, deckchairs and tents can be rented here.

During the summer season, there are beach volley and surf championships.


Luego de salir de la Península por la Rambla Circunvalación de playa Brava, dejamos la escultura de "Los Dedos" a nuestra derecha, tenemos edificación en altura sobre la rambla y en segunda líneas comenzamos a tener residencias...   +  


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  • Location Costa Atlántica