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Punta del Este 12



Playa de los Ingleses



Playa de los Ingleses is a small beach, the first on the Atlantic side of the peninsula.

Its name - The Englishmen’s beach – comes from the first decades of the century, when a group of English people would meet for tea on a balcony which no longer exists that overlooked the beach.

The construction of the Rambla has stolen space from the beach, and it is now a small triangle surrounded by rocks.

It is quite dangerous, and there are no lifeguards.

Nevertheless it is an excellent fishing point, and also an ideal place for sunbathing on windy days.


The peninsula of Punta del Este is a piece of land that divides the Rio de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean.

Gorlero Avenue divides the peninsula in half. It ends on 15th Street, and the land turns towards the east at this point.   +  


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