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Punta del Este 16



Casino Nogaró




It was inaugurated on 8 January 1938 as Hotel Casino Nogaró, owned by Modesto and Emiliano Sagasti, and designed by architect Humberto Bonomi.

What used to be the hotel is now a block of flats, and has been renamed Punta del Este Building.

The casino is state-owned, and managed by the Ministry of Economy and Finances.

The Nogaró and the San Rafael Casino, both state-owned, were until recently the only gambling places in Punta del Este.

With the appearance of the Hotel & Casino Conrad they have had to face stiff competition, which has been greatly beneficial as it has resulted in redecoration, more slots and a new policy of bonuses and special events.


The peninsula of Punta del Este is a piece of land that divides the Rio de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean.

Gorlero Avenue divides the peninsula in half. It ends on 15th Street, and the land turns towards the east at this point.   +  


  • Adress Av. Gorlero e Inzaurraga (31)
  • Phone 42 44 19 18
  • Map 7