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Punta del Este 12



Punta Piedras del Chileno

Natural Resource


The area known as the "Punta del Chileno" (The Chilean's point) is a rocky extreme parallel to the Daily Lagoon, next to Punta Ballena.

Surrounded by an aproximately 400 meters long reef, it has a great historical importance, as it was the place where the english disembarked during the invasion of Maldonado in 1806.

There is a whale and seabird watching tower, built through initiative of the Cetacean Conservation Organization of Uruguaya.

Besides, it is an ideal spot for practising water sports, essentially fishing and surfing.

In the last few years it has been the venue of Punta Rock festival, event which unites the most important uruguayan rock bands and that takes place in summer.

Punta Piedras del Chileno



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  • Location Parada 42 de la Mansa