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Faq: Properties for rent


Which is the fee for a rental intermediation?

Besides the rental price, the estate commission must be paid, which corresponds to the 8,22% plus taxes of the agreed rental price.

Which other expenses are included in a rental?

A warranty deposit must be paid, corresponding to the 20% of the agreed rental price, which must be cancelled in cash or through a credit card voucher, which will be returned to the lessee on the last day of rent.

The return of the warranty implies that the property must be returned in the same conditions that when it was taken; and the expenses generated during the rental period will be adjusted at that same moment.

Which expenses are chargeable to the lessor?

The lessor or tenant will pay the expenses that exist during its stay in the property or the effective length of the renting contract.

Another aspect that is checked is that the furniture and other objects inside the property are in the same conditions that when it was taken.

There is also consideration for the property's conservation aspects at structural level and/or building terminations (walls, paintings, doors, windows, etc.).

The expenses are: Electricity, Water, Phone and Super-Gas.

How are the expenses checked?

There expenses are check through meters and/or information supplied by the service providers on their own websites.

The meters values are taken at the start and at the end of the rental period. The difference is calculated with the established coefficients from which the values to be cancelled by the tenant are obtained.

How can a property for rent be reserved by Internet?

You must send the request filling the proposed forms.

The more information you provide, the better, because then we will be able to get the property that suits your needs the best.

The next step is establishing a communication via e-mail with you, offering the choices for your request.

We will also be able to communicate via phone in order to exchange more information.

Once chosen the property, the formal reservation process begins, which is defined by the acceptance of the price and the rental period.

What implies the reservation of a property for rent?

Once chosen the property, having the rental price, the check in and check out dates, it must be reserved, which implies to transfer the 50% of the rental value plus the Estate Commission.

At the moment of reserving the rented property in cash, signed copies of the rental contract are exchanged by e-mail and/or fax.

These documents work as safe and valid certificates for the effectiveness of the reservation of the property.

The non-occupation of the property in the established dates (except on the express communication of a justified delay), will allow the owner to dispose of the property and NOT refund the reservation downpayment.

What process must be followed once a property has been rented?

You reserved a property in advance. Therefore you must determine your time of arrival and entrance to the property.

At the moment of entrance, you must pay the remaining 50% of the rental price, plus the Warranty Deposit stipulated on the contract.

The occupancy will not be allowed until the full rental price, the Estate Commission and the Warranty Deposit have been paid.

How are the payments cancelled?

Every payment must be cancelled in cash. Namely: the downpayment, the full rental price, the Estate Commission and the cancellation of the expenses.

Different currencies are accepted, which must be traded at the moment of signature, entrance to the property, exit of the property (i.e.: expenses), by its equivalent in american dollars.

A Credit Card voucher is accepted as a Warranty Deposit, which must be traded at the moment of the final cancellation.

What must I foresee in the rental?

Important: the properties DO NOT have white clothes, nor sheets or towells.

Such service may be provided by local companies, which we can contact and place at your disposal.


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