Miércoles, 21 de Marzo de 2018

Punta del Este 28





Mapa de la zona Mansa

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    Playa Mansa

    Playa Mansa is considered the whole length of coast from Parada 1 up to Parada 24. The different seaside restaurants or "paradores" situated on its shores give their names to smaller sections of the beach. Thus, we have La Pastora from Parada 1 to...

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    Paseo de la Aguada

    This park is a wild place with native flora: espinillos, coronillas and timbo. Recently family size barbecues were built, making it a wonderful relaxation area for spending the day away from the bustle of the city. Walking towards the north you...

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    Casino Conrad

    Inaugurated in 1996, the Conrad Casino is the largest of its kind in South America. A great variety of slot machines and traditional roulette, black jack, baccarat tables can be found in its plush installations. During the low season and in the...