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Punta del Este 12



Playa Mansa



Playa Mansa is considered the whole length of coast from Parada 1 up to Parada 24.

The different seaside restaurants or "paradores" situated on its shores give their names to smaller sections of the beach.

Thus, we have La Pastora from Parada 1 to 3, Posto Cinco at Parada 5, I'marangatú on Parada 7, El Grillo on Parada 12 and Las Delicias on Parada 24.

As its name indicates - Mansa means tame – the waters are very calm.

The sand is dry and fine.

At different points on Playa Mansa there are windsurf and jet-ski rentals (Paradas 4, 7 and 10) and beach volley is played at Parada 9.

Also in Parada 7 football matches for children are organized, plus aerobics for adults.

At sunset it is common see people jogging along the shore.


The Mansa zone or Mansa beach, belongs to the Punta del Este locality.

If the beach is taken into account, its coast limit is determined by the course of the Claudio Williman ravine, that is, it starts at stop 1 and ends at stop 25.

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