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Terminal de Ómnibus

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Bvar. Artigas y La Angostura (32)

48 68 10-49 40 42

24 hs.

24 hs.


The Bus Terminal of Punta del Este was built where the train station used to stand, and inaugurated on 22 February 1991.

It is a simple and practical building, with a great circulation gallery and capacity for 10 simultaneous buses.

Inside are the offices of all international, long-distance and local bus operators that work the area, as well as small souvenir shops, a cafeteria, tour operators and information offices.

Outside the building you will find a taxi stop.

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About the zone Península and its spots

The peninsula of Punta del Este is a piece of land that divides the Rio de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean. It is about 15 blocks long, and five across. All its streets are named after marine elements (nautical instruments, seabirds, etc.), but everybody refers to them by their number. The...



Villa Sofía Resort & Spa

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Located less than a kilometer away from the downtown, Villa Sofia Resort & Spa has two accommodation spaces and 11,000 m² of park. The main area holds the hotel with 24...

Important property on the shore of the sea at Punta Piedras.

FOR RENT | Important property on the shore of the sea at Punta Piedras.

Punta Piedras

Important summery residence with sea view from each one of its rooms. Ample lot...

January USD 57.000 February USD 25.000 

Luz Marina: excelente para inversión, cerca del Parque Battle.

FOR SALE | Luz Marina: excelente para inversión, cerca del Parque Battle.


Sobre una de las principales avenidas. Ideal para renta. Próximo a entregar. A...

Sale price USD 84.000 




3 días en alta USD | 3 días en baja USD



Aspen Punta 103.5 FM

Listados | Radios

Aspen Punta 103.5 FM

Punta del Este

Aspen FM 103.5, instalada desde hace más de 14 años en el corazón de la península de Punta del Este,...

Grand Cru Vinos

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Grand Cru Vinos

Punta del Este

Los mejores vinos del mundo, ahora en Punta del Este. Grand Cru, empresa líder en Latinoamérica en...

Adrin Méndez Porto y Asociados

Profesionales | Abogados

Adrin Méndez Porto y Asociados


Estudio jurídico notarial Nuestra firma brinda servicios de calidad a personas,...


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