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Frequently Asked Questions
In this section you can find detailed information about every services and processes provided by Hoteles Puntaweb.

Query sections:

  • General information
  • Access to hotels information
  • Hotels reservation online
  • Stable commercial policies
  • Security policies
  • Information about safe server

     General information
    1. Hotel capacity
    2. Rates
    3. Extras
    4. Services
    5. Suggested foresight for reservations
    6. Criteria for star cathegorization

     Access to hotels information
    1. ¿Which kind of access supply the hotel listings?
    2. How to look up a hotel?
    3. How to sort a search result?
    4. What other facts do I get from a search?
    5. Is there particular information for each hotel?
    6. Can I access to other lists from a hotel file?
    7. Can I see maps with that hotel's location?
    8. What other information do I get in the location page?

     Hotels reservation online
    1. What does the expression "on-line hotel reservation" mean?
    2. Which methods offers this site to make on-line reservations?
    3. What does an availability check provides?
    4. Which are the limitations of this site on-line reservation procedure?
    5. Which is the maximum number of nights for reservation?
    6. What is a rate group?
    7. What does the expression "average rate" mean?
    8. Which economic criteria is used as down payment for a reservation?
    9. Which document endorses a reservation?
    10. How can I cancel my reservation?
    11. Which is the deadline to cancel a reservation?
    12. Which document endorses the cancellation of a reservation?
    13. In which case a reservation down payment is not refunded?

     Stable commercial policies
    1. What does the expression "stable commercial policies" mean?
    2. Who is responsible for the violation of a stable commercial policy?
    3. To whom I should report a violation of the stable commercial policies?
    4. Which policy applies this site regarding the room rates?
    5. Can this site's rates be different from the rack rates at the hotel?
    6. Is it possible to the rates published in the site to be more expensive than the rack rates at the hotel?
    7. Which services or taxes are included in the rates?
    8. Which are the options to pay the remainings and extras?
    9. Which destabilizing aspect may a hotel reservation suffer?
    10. Who is responsible for the "over booking" phenomenon?

     Security policies
    1. What does the expression "security policies" mean?
    2. Which nature has the data flux during a reservation procedure?
    3. Does this site provide more information about the security mechanisms?
    4. Which kind of data does Puntaweb.com system register?
    5. Which kind of data does Puntaweb.com system not register?
    6. Who administrates the traffic of commercial data?
    7. Is it possible to the commercial data to be known by a third person?
    8. Who else is reached by the commercial data knowledge exclusion?
    9. Who determines the validity of a costumer's commercial data?
    10. What does the expression "reservation holder" mean?
    11. Which responsibility has the reservation holder?
    12. What obligation has the hotel operator before the reservation holder?
    13. Before whom must be claimed a hotel reservation fraud?

     Information about safe server
    1. What's a Safe Server?
    2. The security certificate
    3. How to see the security certificate
    4. What is a Safe Site?
    5. How does Puntaweb Hotels from Puntaweb.com operates?


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