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Hotel Azul: Accommodations


  • Twin Double

    Twin Double rooms consist of a bedroom with bathroom. They have twin beds, completing the furniture a table, two chairs, a chest where lays the TV and an ample closet. The rooms have views to Gorlero Avenue or the hotel's bottom. The rooms in the upper storey have sea view.

  • Marital Double

    Marital Double rooms constist of a bedroom with bathroom. They are set up with a double bed, completing the furniture a table with two chairs, a low desk where the TV lays and an ample closet. The rooms have view to Gorlero Avenue or towards the back of the hotel, while some in...

  • Triple

    Triple rooms consist of two comunicated bedrooms with a bathroom. The single beds could be set up all in the same room or two in each and the remaining one in the other a side a double-body armchair. The rooms are separated by a screen.

  • Apartment

    The Apartments consist of two comunicated bedrooms, each one with its own bathroom. In one of the bedrooms there is the double bed, and in the other there are twin beds. Each one also has a closet, a chair, a low chest and the frigobar, on top of which lays the TV. Each room...


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Azul ***

Azul hotel is located in the middle of the Peninsula on Gorlero Avenue, really close to the Harbor. It offers air-conditioning system, TV, phone and frigobar in all of its rooms, which have also private bathroom.

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