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Yacht Club Punta del Este



Founded on 14th February 1924 by Niceto Loizaga, Juan Gorlero and other outstanding residents of Punta del Este, the Punta del Este Yacht Club has been a pioneer of the sports and social activities of the city.

There is an annex on the corner of 13th and 14th Street.

The Yacht Club has organized and supervised multiple nautical events:at international level the Whitbread Round The World Race, the BOC Around Alone, the South Atlantic Race together with the Yacht Club Argentino and Yacht Club Uruguayo; at local level races to Piriapolis and La Paloma, and races for Optimists, Lasers, Punta del Este class and races for mixed classes.

In January the Punta del Este Offshore race is carried out, and a motonautical rally for members in February.Members enjoy transport to their boats 24 hours on 24, and its restaurant is one of the most respected in the Peninsula.


The peninsula of Punta del Este is a piece of land that divides the Rio de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean.

Gorlero Avenue divides the peninsula in half. It ends on 15th Street, and the land turns towards the east at this point.   +  


  • Adress 2 de Febrero (10) y Mareantes (13)
  • Phone 42 44 02 19
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