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Laguna del Diario

Natural Resource


The Laguna del Diario (or Lake of the Daily) is among all the lakes in Maldonado the closest to the peninsula.

In colonial times its was vital for the foundation of Maldonado, as this was the first founding point of the city.

On its coasts the animals of the first inhabitants of the town would be let to pasture, and it was where the "drove of daily horses" was kept, which is how the lake got its name.

The lake is some 4 square hectares in size, and is separated from Maldonado Bay by a narrow strip of land about 50 metres wide, where the Interbalnearia Route passes today.

There are beautiful residences on its coasts.

On a small beach close to the route there is an area for windsurfing and other water activities.

As in all freshwater lakes and rivers, it is forbidden to use motors.

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