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Catedral de Maldonado

Historic Site


The Maldonado Cathedral is a neoclassical building.

Construction began in 1801, but was interrupted by the English invasions.

Finally Bishop Mariano Soler read the inauguration ceremony on 27 October 1895, naming it San Fernando of Maldonado Cathedral.

The building consists of the main nave, two bell towers and a dome.

To the sides and at the end of the nave are two small buildings that complete the cross shape of the ensemble.

The main altar is the work of sculptor Antonio Veiga, who obtained a prize for it at the continental exhibition of Buenos Aires, in 1882.

The original bell was donated in Buenos Aires, and weighed 150 kg.

The Cathedral was recently declared historical patrimony of the nation, and it was completely restored.

As well as masses, occasionally musical evenings are held there.




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