Domingo, 26 de Mayo de 2024

Punta del Este 12



Parque El Jagüel



The Municipal Park El Jaguel is the closest to the peninsula.

It is three or four blocks in size, and has internal roads which make it ideal for riding.

There are many large "sculptures" made of local trees and painted in bright colours representing animals, many of them favourite cartoon characters; also swings, slides, a skating rink and ponies for the younger children.

There is a barbecue area with tables and benches for people to spend the day.

In the center of the park there is a huge enclosure with native birds, and special events take place during the summer, like air festivals.


Zona de residencias muy importantes y exuberantes jardines que acompañan el trazado de una de las más importantes canchas a 18 hoyos del Golf de Sudamérica, un entorno de excelencia a pasos de la playa Brava.

A sólo 10 minutos de la Península...   +  


  • Adress Av. Aparicio Saravia
  • Phone 42 48 12 91
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