Jueves, 01 de Diciembre de 2022

Punta del Este 16



Museo Histórico Regional



This house dates back to 1782.

Its first use was as a jail by the Spaniards, and as the town council in a later time.

Today, perfectly restored, it houses the Regional Museum, with collections from private sources and museum friends.

It has three exhibition halls and one conference room.

From the entrance to the left we find a room with colonial furniture and garments, and private stamp collections and period objects.

Towards the right there is a hall mainly dedicated to Indian archaeological finds: "boleadoras", arrows and other weapons found mainly in La Barra, Manantiales and José Ignacio.

The third room contains weapons from the colonial and revolutionary periods, military uniforms and other period articles.

San Carlos


  • Adress Carlos Reyles y Gral. L. Olivera
  • Phone 42 66 50 57