Sábado, 01 de Octubre de 2022

Punta del Este 16



Campus Deportivo de Maldonado




The Municipal Campus of Maldonado it's a sport complex that shares the block with the Departmental High School of Maldonado and the Firemen Department.

Its facilities include an Olympic-size swimming pool -the first one built in South America), indoors basketball court and fronton, athletics field, tennis courts, football field and gym.

The football stadium was built on the occasion of the America football cup, and can host up to 22,000 spectators.

It has installations for a press office with 100 individual telephone outlets, a VIP lounge for 500 people and accommodation for up to 4 delegations.

Every summer the stadium hosts the Rugby Seven-a-side, a pre-classification for the rugby world cup, among other important sports events.



  • Adress 3 de Febrero y Román Guerra
  • Phone 42 23 19 31
  • Map 1c7