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Piriápolis 10





The city of Piriápolis is the fruit of the vision and efforts of one man: Francisco Piria.

In 1890 Piria bought all the land between the Pan de Azúcar hill and the coast from the heirs of General Leonardo Olivera, who owned a ranch that covered the whole area.

Right from the start Piria’s idea was to build a “seaside resort for the future”.

Considering that the lands included three hills plus all the coast and a natural port, his idea was not so far-fetched.

It was and remains the largest project to be undertaken by a single person in the history of Uruguay.

After purchasing it, he proceeded to create an infrastructure to attract the summer lovers he sought in Europe.

Thus he built the port, a formidable hotel - the present Argentino Hotel - the Rambla, and he had the whole area planted with pine trees.

The fame of Piriapolis preceeded that of Punta del Este by many years.

Now Piriápolis is receiving a new tourist impulse, as the port has been enlarged to receive ferries and large vessels.

In general it is a quiet city, surrounded by forests and hills and with a pleasant coastline that continues with small resorts to either side of the port area.

Towards the east are Punta Colorada and Punta Negra, two rocky formations that enclose beautiful beaches and growing residential areas.

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