Lunes, 19 de Noviembre de 2018

Punta del Este 20



Hidrografía de Punta del Este

Public Office



The National Hydrography Bureau - an office of the Ministry of Transport - is in charge of the regulation and administration of the port, seeking to improve and increase the port services.

The mooring facilities include the breakwater, a main pier and two marinas. Total capacity is for 670 boats, 170 of them at anchor.

The esplanades will fit in 500 boats.

All moorings have water, electricity and telephone facilities.

Port personnel provide garbage disposal, maintenance, fuel supply, fire protection and night surveillance.

Visitors will also find public bathrooms.

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The peninsula of Punta del Este is a piece of land that divides the Rio de la Plata and the Atlantic Ocean.

Gorlero Avenue divides the peninsula in half. It ends on 15th Street, and the land turns towards the east at this point.   +  


  • Adress 2 de Febrero (10) y Mareantes (13)
  • Phone 42 44 37 87
    42 44 34 90
    Fax 42 44 40 61
  • Map 5

Conditions of entry

  • Schedule Lunes a Viernes 09:15 a 16:30 hrs. Sábado y Domingo 10:00 a 16:00 hrs.