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Camino Medina, Ruta 39

66 93 05

07:00 to 19:30 hs.

7:00 to 18:00 hs.


Formerly a farm owned by Salustiano Medina, the San Carlos Zoo is part of the municipal park named Medina.

On the outskirts of San Carlos, this park has quite a variety of native species, and a few exotic ones.

It also has a snack bar, a souvenir shop and barbecue spaces with tables and benches.

There is also a space for small children with games.

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About the zone San Carlos and its spots

San Carlos was founded by Pedro de Ceballos in the area called “Maldonado Chico” on 18 September 1763, with Portuguese families who were left homeless after the capture of the Santa Teresa Fortress. The city became a strategic defence point of the Spanish Empire, and its name honours King Carlos...



Hostal de La Barra

HOTELS | Punta del Este | Hostal de La Barra

*** | La Barra

Hostal de La Barra is located on Route 10, nearby Montoya, one of the most pleasant beaches of Punta del Este. All of its rooms are equipped with air-conditioning system,...

Spectacular japanese style residence meters away from the beach.

FOR RENT | Spectacular japanese style residence meters away from the beach.


With lots of light and all the space needed, in front of Manantiales Beach,...

January USD 21.500 February USD 10.000 

House in La Barra with good taste and excellent rent.

FOR SALE | House in La Barra with good taste and excellent rent.

La Barra, de la ruta al mar

Ample spaces, lots of big windows, living dining room with double high ceilings...

Renault Megane

AUTOS | Renault Megane


3 días en alta USD | 3 días en baja USD



Farmacia Campus

Listados | Farmacias

Farmacia Campus

Punta del Este

Brindamos atención personalizada, asesoramiento responsable y confiable. Toda la garantía que usted...

JCF Pinturas

Empresas | Pinturas

JCF Pinturas


Juan Carlos Fernández Pinturas Empresa especializada en pinturas en general,...

AV Estudio de Arquitectura y Carpintería

Profesionales | Arquitectos

AV Estudio de Arquitectura y Carpintería


Diseño y realización de carpintería de muebles, cocinas, baños y trabajos en madera artística en...


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