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Museo de Arte Americano

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Calle 33 y José Dodera

22 22 76

18:00 to 22:00, daily

18:00 to 22:00, daily


This very valuable museum is located at the former residence of Enrique Burnett, one of the pioneers of Punta del Este.

Artist Jorge Páez Vilaró turned it into a museum for the purpose of housing his important collection of pre-Colombian art, respecting the original architecture.

Free admission concerts are carried out in the summer, and a series of exhibitions among which is the United Airlines Prize for young artists.

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About the zone Museums and its spots

Punta del Este has few museums, however they are all very interesting and appealing for the tourists. From invaluable pre-columbian, native and colonial art collection, to the most important latin american contemporary art collection in the world. Among the first, you can find the Museo de Arte...




HOTELS | Punta del Este | Serena

**** | Punta del Este

Recently inaugurated, Hotel Serena is a four star exclusive for adults located on the Mansa Beach, where the IMET office (Municipal Institute for Touristic Studies) used...

Forest Tower II: three bedroom apartment with beautiful views of the beach Brava.

FOR RENT | Forest Tower II: three bedroom apartment with beautiful views of the beach Brava.


Three bedroom apartment on a high floor overlooking the beach Brava, master suite...

Excelente oportunidad de la ruta al mar

FOR SALE | Excelente oportunidad de la ruta al mar

La Barra, de la ruta al mar

Classic chalet in La barra. with great opportunities in recycling, price and...

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Chevrolet Astra

AUTOS | Chevrolet Astra


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City Tour Clásico

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El paseo que se debe realizar para conocer Punta del Este. Nuestro City Tour Clásico le brindará una panorama completo de los atractivos y bellezas de nuestro balneario. En un recorrido de tres horas y media visitaremos...

Instituto Uruguayo Argentino

Listados | Colegios Privados

Instituto Uruguayo Argentino

Punta del Este

El Instituto Uruguayo-Argentino (IUA) es un colegio bilingüe, habilitado, laico y mixto, que brinda...

Lavadero del Este

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Lavadero del Este

Punta del Este

En plena península de Punta del Este, Lavadero del Este ofrece lavado y secado de ropa con máquinas...

AV Estudio de Arquitectura y Carpintería

Profesionales | Arquitectos

AV Estudio de Arquitectura y Carpintería


Diseño y realización de carpintería de muebles, cocinas, baños y trabajos en madera artística en...


Gal. Apolo L61, Av. Gorlero y Calle 29

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