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Las Grutas de Punta Ballena

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Punta Ballena

From the mid sixties to the late nineties this site was destined to discoteques, pubs, salt water pools inns, etc., but in the last few years the initiative to return this place to it's natural state has been retaken.

Las Grutas are caverns that the sea has dug into the rocky sides of Punta Ballena, which have been used as discos, pubs, seaside restaurants with salt water swimming pools, etc.

The most well-known used to be a disco, and has an entrance of 6 mt by 5 mts.

The interior is spacious, with a vaulted irregular ceiling some 6 m high at the highest point, full of minor passages which were used as private areas of the disco.

To the right of the main cavern is a smaller one which faces a natural rock wall, and was used by fishermen who often spent the night.

There is still another one towards the point, close to El Boquerón (an excellent fishing point).

The three of them are on the Maldonado Bay side of Punta Ballena.

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