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Laguna José Ignacio

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Al norte de José Ignacio

This lake is 8 km wide at it's widest point. It's tributaries are the streams José Ignacio, Magdalena Sosa, Cañada de la Colina, and Cañada de la Totora.

It is particularly attractive not only because of the view, but because of the variety of water fowl that inhabits it.

Flamingos, storks, white and pink heron, seagulls and ducks are only a small part of the wildlife.

A narrow sandbank separates it from the Atlantic Ocean, which opens sometimes when there are strong storms or high seas, and the lake is connected to the sea.

Laguna Jose Ignacio is quite shallow, and you can walk with water to your waist in most of it.

Access to the lake is easy from Route 10. Immediately after leaving Route 10 to your left you will find a fishing village, and a couple of windsurf schools.

In summer the lake is covered with multicoloured sails, as the wind pattern of José Ignacio makes it the best spot in Punta del Este - together with Laguna Garzón - for practising this sport.

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