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Las Cumbres

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Sierra de la Ballena, Ruta 12, km 3 1/2

Las Cumbres is a hilly area overlooking Laguna del Sauce, which you reach via Route 12.

The way uphill is very sinuous, so it is advised to drive carefully. As well as the natural beauty of the area, the main attraction is a natural sensorial phenomenon by which, when you are going downhill, you feel you are going uphill.

To verify this unique phenomenon, which attracts many tourists, park your car wherever you find a "Pare aquí" sign, and restart.

When you arrive to the summit, you’ll enjoy a singular view of Punta del Este, Maldonado, San Carlos, La Barra, La Ballena, Piriápolis, Laguna del Diario, Laguna del Sauce and Gorriti and Lobos Islands.

There is a very exclusive inn therewith rooms, teahouse and restaurant.

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