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Pozos Azules

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With an approximate age of 500 million years, the Souls Mountain Range has volcanic origin, reaching a maximum height of 501 meters over sea level in its summit, which once was used as national viewpoint.

One of the most curious and attractive features of this mountain range, are the "pozos azules" (blue holes), cones filled with rain or spring waters that are often found in the area.

This blue holes, which may be a few centimeters depth or up to 4 meters, owe their name to the large mineral concentration in its waters, as well as the incidence of the sky in its reflections.

The area's flora is very wide. In the hills foots you may found a typical meadow veggetation, trees and bushes in the slopes -coronilla, tala, tembetari, among others-, while in the ravine the most predominant are the hill or indigenous veggetation.

Among the area's fauna, you may find several types of poisonous snakes -like the yarara or the rattlesnake-, various canines -skuns, grey and red foxes-, armadillos, a large variety of insects and arachnids, guazubiras and also, wild boars.

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