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For Sale

A1829 El Escondido Hotel: investment opportunity, profitability plus unrestricted use

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The Escondido Hotel, project of the Martín Gómez study, offers a format that combines the possibility of own use plus equity generation.

Without restrictions of use throughout the year and with bonus services, each owner decides when to use his unit and when to transfer it to the hotel farm.

The units are written in their own name and are assigned for an initial period of ten years to the hotel manager so that he can manage them and thus generate

a rent to the owners of the suites.

The project is developed on two floors, with a total of 18 suites and a modern front-desk on the ground floor integrated to the Lounge & Beach Bar and the extension to the

deck, pool and private beach.

Due to its orientation to the west, all units have views of the most beautiful sunset over the mouth of the Maldonado stream.

Expenses that are paid alone: ​​the flexibility of use is maintained, but the lower the use, the greater the profitability. The charge of monthly expenses or the liquidation of the rent

It will depend on the occupation that each owner wants to give to his unit.

An investment in tranquility and practicality.

Property status

  • Progress of work



El Tesoro


Sale price

USD 155.000

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