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Punta del Este 16


For Sale

T1682 Chihuahua Beach: 1000 mts land. from USD 50,000 funded natural environment near the sea.

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Land a few meters from the beach Naturist Chihuahua distributed drawing area with beautiful urban neighborhood type garden.

Access to the beach a few meters, capacity to generate direct sea views in some lots located in sand dunes of singular height.

All kinds of orientations streets harmonious curves, boundaries with the stream El Potrero, spaces of great luminosity absence of such constructions building height.

Ideal for setting summer house in area of growing interest with fast way to shopping malls, route International Airport and Punta del Este access.

Five minutes from Punta Ballena and Lake Golf Club.

Payment: USD 18,000 and 24 fixed monthly installments .


  • Lot size



Terrain features

  • Grid location


    Different locations, all in pine dunes environment. 

  • Orientation


    All orientations, natural area with high brightness without high-rise buildings. 

  • Elevation


    Some lots in area with natural vegetation of dunes and maritime pines generating sea views. 

  • Terrain



  • Forest


    Natural vegetation, acacias and maritime pines. 

  • Relevant distances


    A meters dela Naturist beach Chihuahua.

    Some lots directly with open sea on the beach view.

    Other near the mouth of the stream El Potrero.
    Five minutes from the commercial center of Punta Ballena in Portezuelo. 

Environmental characteristics

  • Street furniture


    Streets bounded around its urban drawing mostly in ballast. 

  • Architecture


    Few buildings housing only in individual and family use.

    Modern architecture houses, some thatched roof huts. 



Sale price

USD 55.000

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