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E1846 The Colette: apartments with two and three suites on the beach in Laguna Blanca.

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The Colette is a development by Fac Design based on a project by Estudio Ramos.

Located on the exclusive Manantiales beach, The Colette building is located on the seafront in a unique property in Punta del Este.

The set is divided into four sections of different heights, articulated with each other by large planted patios.

The volumetry is staggered, respecting the scale of neighboring houses and growing in height as you move away from them, avoiding the visual impact of a single volume.

The development has several common external sectors.
Towards the front, the swimming pool and the park protected from the prevailing winds.

Towards the sea, the common planted terraces with living spaces and exceptional views.

The 46 luxury apartments that make up the complex are divided into 21 types of floor plans that range from 200 to 600 square meters. All of them with private bearings and ocean views.

In the basement, large garages and spacious storage rooms were located.

The building also has an indoor pool, gym and spa.

The materials chosen for the exterior finishes were exposed concrete, wood and local stone.

The Colette was designed with the respect for nature and its environment as premises.

Laguna Blanca

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