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Punta del Este 12


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A1737 Fendi Château Punta del Este: Residences and Mansions with exceptional ocean views on Mansa Beach.

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Fendi Chateau Residences is a luxury development at stop 17 of Mansa beach consisting of four towers, of which two have been completed, each with 27 floors.

Tower one, The Residences, has four apartments per floor and tower two, The Mansions, has two apartments per floor.

The towers make up one hundred and fifty residences with unit surfaces ranging from 190 to 580 square meters.

All offer exceptional sea views.


  • Lot size




  • Garage


    Each apartment has at least one garage space. 

  • Views


    Exceptional 180° views of the bay of Punta del Este from all the apartments. 

Building Services

  • Porter's lodge


    Building manager and reception staff 24 hours a day. 

  • Maid Service


    Daily maid service. 

  • Security Services


    Access control by CCTV and security personnel on the premises and facilities. 

  • Communications


    Bussiness center. High-speed Wi-Fi internet access in all common areas.

    Fiber optic cabling in residences.

    Building telephone exchange. 

  • Barbecue Services



  • Spa Services


    Massage rooms and a beauty & wellness center with Italian equipment and experienced management. 

  • Pools

    Large outdoor pool across the entire width of the property.

    Indoor heated pool. 

  • Game Room

    Game rooms for children and teenagers. 

  • Microcinema


    State-of-the-art room with capacity for 28 people equipped with full relax seats with technology to cool drinks. 

  • Gym


    Large 300-square-meter gym equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and systems. 

  • Courts

    Tennis court and soccer field for boys. 

  • Beach service


    Exclusive beach service in front of the complex. 


The Mansa zone or Mansa beach, belongs to the Punta del Este locality.

If the beach is taken into account, its coast limit is determined by the course of the Claudio Williman ravine, that is, it starts at stop 1 and ends at stop 25.

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