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Punta del Este 12


For Sale

A154 Icon Brava: departments of two and three bedroom building with excellent finishes and services.

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Aimed for an audience who simply want a different concept in rest and comfort emerges Parada 6 Brava beach one premium and unique venture in Punta del Este.

Social awareness in caring for the environment is highlighted in this building, which projects the use of alternative energy to use for community access areas, such as general lighting and provision of hot water in sink.

You will want to use wind and solar energy as energy resources that supply these common spaces.

As for plants, the best setting for everyone and build quality expected in this type of venture.

Departments of two, two and a half and three bedrooms.

Building with great amenities category: 3 outdoor pools, a heated pool, dry and wet saunas, art fitness center, game room for children and teenagers and cinema with the latest technology.

Steps from the beach Brava, near Av. Roosevelt with quick access to Punta Shopping, supermarkets and near the peninsula of Punta del Este.

Description record based on three bedroom apartment.


  • Built area itself



  • Built area



  • Total built area




  • Capacity

    Six people comfortably. (refers to three-bedroom apartment) 

  • Suites (Bedroom + Bathroom)

    It is up to the master bedroom with dressing area 18.30 m2 own. 

  • Bedrooms

    Large bedrooms, all exterior. 

  • Bathrooms

    Complete, Premium Ferrum or similar modern and functional style.

    Forecast of modern high recovery water heaters that provide water baths and kitchen. 

  • Living room


    Integrated to dining in an atmosphere of 6.46 meters x 3.57 meters, with a large window and balcony access.

    Double circulation to the kitchen and bedrooms intimate atmosphere. 

  • Dining room


    Next to the kitchen, perfect for table with six chairs, receives the light and view as the living room.

    Besides having ample space for a dining room in kitchen for six. 

  • Terrazas

    A spacious balcony of almost 20 m2. totally usable in shape, with ocean views from a 2nd. level.

    Second balcony output includes kitchen and bedrooms of the two boys. 

  • Kitchen


    Con doble mesada, muebles aéreos y bajo mesada en granito o mármol, área de 2.58 mts x 5.34 mts. con terraza lavadero incorporada de 1.60 mts x 1.50 mts. 

  • Laundry


    In kitchen, connections, good size and output to second terrace with view. 

  • Telephone


    Being under Installation and bedrooms. 

  • Heating


    Radiant electric sectioned and ready for connection installation of air conditioning. 

  • TV system


    Security Cable (single). 

  • Internet access


    Forecast internet (individual), Wi Fi reception building for common use. 

  • Garage


    A garage per apartment unit, with the possibility of two-dimensional case by case basis. 

  • Views


    From the second level overlooking the beach Brava is projected, then Quarter courtyards of Aydi Grill and above a 6th level are displayed. view from Mansa Beach. 

Building Services

  • Porter's lodge


    Building manager, controls the operation and maintenance thereof. 

  • Maid Service



  • Security Services


    Safety equipment, cameras, access control, etc. 

  • Communications


    Reception, exchange, according to the project hierarchy. 

  • Barbecue Services


    7 Quinchos for use of co-ownership. 

  • Spa Services


    Wet and dry sauna. Showers and massage chairs. 

  • Pools

    Indoor heated swimming for children, recreation, using design and originality in conception. 

  • Game Room

    Internet room, recreational, spacious and tastefully decorated games. 

  • Microcinema


    Spacious room with super comfortable seats and projector screen art. 

  • Gym


    With the latest equipment, wide area of 174 m2. for aerobic and fitness activities. 

  • Laundry


    Service by the staff providing the building with equipment for this purpose. 

  • Beach service


    Brava beach in front of the building. Access boardwalk, umbrellas and lounge chairs. 


Luego de salir de la Península por la Rambla Circunvalación de playa Brava, dejamos la escultura de "Los Dedos" a nuestra derecha, tenemos edificación en altura sobre la rambla y en segunda líneas comenzamos a tener residencias...   +  



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