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For sale: Countryside at Garzón


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    41 hectares in Rocha 5 kmts. from route 10.

    5 kmts. from Las Garzas Proyect and 6 kmts. from route 9, with excellent access.

    About 1.000 eucaliptus trees, some of them grouped as shelter mounts, a bath for sheeps, a simple construction and divitions in good shape and 32 waterholes.

    It has electricity...

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  • Search : For sale | Countryside | Garzón | Garzón

    8 hectares close to Las Garzas proyect.

    5 kmts. from route 10 and 6 from route 9 with excellent access.

    Ground with very small hills with 870 mts. with Cypres trees more than 30 years old and 2 mounts of Eucaliptus for shelter.

    One waterhole, one precarious construction with well, perimeter fence and...

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