Sábado, 01 de Octubre de 2022

Punta del Este 16



Casa de la Cultura de Maldonado

Historic Site



This building is a government office since 1875, and successively housed the police headquarters, the Boys’ School and part of Customs.

In 1877 it was remodelled with the purpose of installing the offices of the Political and Administrative Council, namely the main office, secretary’s office, lounge, library, reception and deposit.

Until a few years ago the Municipality operated there.

Nowadays it has been revamped again and, still under the wing of the Municipality, the Bureau of Culture, the Municipal School of Plastic Arts, the San Fernando Museum, the municipal library, music school and the Junta of Maldonado all function there.

Every summer there is a cycle of exhibitions, and during the year it is the meeting point for cultural groups.



  • Adress Rafael Pérez del Puerto y Sarandí
  • Phone 42 23 17 86