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    1. Hotel capacity
    Punta del Este and its surrounding area have a hotel capacity of 15,000 beds distributed in every hotel cathegory, but mainly on mid hotels - 3 star cathegory - in the peninsula.

    Traditionally Punta del Este's tourist offer has been centered in the concept of sun and beaches, and therefore the hotels' rooms are usually not too spacious.

    Almost every mid hotel has few apartments or communicated rooms in comparison with common ones and single rooms are quite unusual.

    In the last few years there have been investments in cathegory hotels with appropiate infrastructure for congresses, shows and events.
    2. Rates
    The rates are expressed in us dollars according to type of room and in most cases including breakfast and taxes.

    The hotels consider their daily rate from 10:00 am of each day to 10:00 am of the next.

    After this period it could apply for a whole extra day or midday, depending on the hotel and time of year for passengers leaving the hotel in the afternoon.

    There's a big difference between high and low season rates. High season goes from December 25th to February 28th, Easter and Carnival.

    Besides you will find different rate groups for mid, pre and low season that vary from hotel to hotel.

    Low season rates may have up to 50% drops.

    Many centric hotels make special promotions with transport companies for low season weekends.

    You can pay in uruguayan pesos or in us dollars, though argentinian pesos are also accepted and eventually brazilian currency.

    Almost every hotel will accept most international credit cards and traveler's checks.
    3. Extras
    The extras in the city hotels are related to the services provided by each hotel apart from breakfast and taxes which are included in the room rental rate.

    So, in first place you would have to ask about the rates for phone calls as there's no unified rate for international calls and some hotels may charge local calls too.

    There's no custom pattern for tiping which is not included in the room services bills, leaving that aspect to be considered according to your own criteria.

    Some hotels have a special rate for extra beds which is not necessarily half the double room rate.

    Usually baby beds or cribs are provided free of charge.
    4. Services
    Punta del Este hotels facilities have been adapting to the demand rise and the requirement for quality services.

    Mid hotels - between forty and sixty rooms - have DDI telephone in the room, TV, and some also have frigobar, air-conditioning system and internet access.

    In the green areas, a bit isolated from the peninsula, you will find establishments which priorize the quality of service above the number of rooms.

    There are few hotels with swimming pools, mostly in the mentioned green areas, and some have their own restaurant.

    Baby sitter and laundry services are pretty common.

    Hotels of great cathegory have services similar to others provided by hotels around the world, like spa, restaurants and their own recreational activities.
    5. Suggested foresight for reservations
    For summer time is necessary to consider some key dates in which it will be hard to get room availability and so certain foresight is recommended.

    These dates are the week from Christmas to New Year and the week of Carnival for every hotel.

    During the months of January very few hotels will have room availability for a whole day within the weekend, being the most usual friday to sunday reservations.

    In February the situation is different, as the influx of tourists which prefer hotels is lower than that of January.

    The great cathegory hotels required much foresight for your reservations during high season and also for long weekends.

    Below you can find a table with the usual recommendations.

    Suggested foresight for hotel reservation according to cathegory
    Period1 and 2 stars3 stars4 stars5 stars
    New Year/Reveillon1 month3 months8/6 months10/8 months
    Carnival15 days1 month2 months3 months
    Easter15 days1 month2 months2 months
    Winter Break15 days15 days1 month2 months
    Long Weekends15 days15 days1 month1 month
    6. Criteria for star cathegorization
    The Ministry of Tourism is in charge for establishing the hotel qualification criteria in the country.

    The cathegorization is set by stars and based in the points obtained by the hotel according to the following criteria:

    1 star2 stars3 stars4 stars5 stars
    Building Aspects (Pts)4684132217297
    Equipment (Pts)162761124151
    Services (Pts)4853111269412
    Total points110164304610860

    The points qualification establishes a rank for each establishment within which corresponds a given cathegory.

    As it is evident, this cathegorizacion is too complex for the tourist so we provide some international subjective criteria for star qualification below.

    General procedure for hotels cathegorization by stars.

    1 starEconomical
    For the traveler who only wants to spend the night.
    Usually associated to clean rooms with breakfast, without further services.

    2 starsValued
    Simple rooms with some decoration.
    Within the traveler who wants to spend the night evaluation.
    It may offer room service in common hours, telephone in the room.
    Common spaces, TV in sitting room and coffee shop.

    3 starsMild
    For rest and recreational stays with family.
    Room service, TV and telephone in the room with decoration and comfort.
    Some may have restaurants, swimming pools or meeting rooms.

    4 starsLuxury
    Refined and neat facilities with special care of personal costumer attention.
    Ample variety of services, sport courts, swimming pools, cathegory restaurant, suitable for business meetings.

    5 starsExcellence
    Exquisite good taste and comfort facilities and services, specially personalized.
    Highly qualified attention and resources at the level of the large hotel chains in the world.


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