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Faq: Properties for sale


Which is the fee for a sale intermediation?

Besides the sale price of the chosen property and simultaneously with the writing of the deed or the buying-selling compromise, the estate commission must be paid, which corresponds to the 3,28% plus taxes.

Which other expenses are chargeable to the buyer?

The intervening scribe (notary) fee is chargeable to the buyer, who is desgined by the buyer or else Puntaweb has contact with reliable professionals that can be recommended.

The fee is established by the Asociación de Escribanos del Uruguay (Uruguayan Association of Scribes), and corresponds to 3% plus taxes of the agreed price for a buying-selling deed and the 1.5% plus taxes in case of a buying-selling compromise.

Besides a tax imposed by the state must be paid, named I.T.P. (Wealth Transfers Tax), which consists of 4% of the fiscal value of the property and in uruguayan pesos, corresponding 2% to the buyer and 2% to the seller.

How much time takes the whole buying process?

Normally the deadline is 30 days within the signing of the bill of sale, period in which all the documentation studies are taken care off, obtaining, according to the current laws, all the liability free tickets and other documentation that prove that everything is in perfect conditions.

Once everything is approved by the interviening scribe or notary, the signature of the deed or the definitive buying-selling document takes place.

A deed can be ellaborated urgently within a deadline of 7 to 10 days if it were necessary.

Which taxes must be paid and when?

The properties pay taxes corresponding to Estate Contribution, Primary Tax and common expenses in the case of apartments.

And also services such as: electricity, water and phone.

Once finished the operation and arrived the day of signing the deed or the buying-selling compromise, an apportion takes place to detail how much has the seller paid and which difference corresponds to the buyer.

Example: in the case of the estate contribution (which must be paid once a year), if the operation occurs in the middle of the year, half the amount must be paid by the seller and the rest of the year will be paid by (or refunded to the seller) the buyer.

The same occurs with other taxes or services.

With which equipment and furniture conditions are the properties sold?

Is usual to sell an apartment or house with the basic furniture; without paintings, without decoration, without crockery or objects considered personal by the owner.

Therefore, once finished the operation an inventory must be listed, which is attached to and part of the signing document once the negotiation has arrived to its end.


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