Domingo, 24 de Octubre de 2021

Punta del Este 12



Torre del Vigía

Historic Site



Built around 1800 by order of Minister Rafael Pérez del Puerto, this simple and elegant tower served the purpose of warning the authorities of Montevideo and Buenos Aires of the ceaseless incursions of enemy vessels - especially British ones – into Maldonado Bay.

From its balcony one has a perfect view of the bay, as it is located on one of the highest points of the town.

It is built in brick, rectangular in shape, with a square base 5 by 5 m and is 13 m high.

It is situated on the Plaza del Vigía, a charming square which dates back to the colonial period, and is surrounded by many lovely houses in that style.



  • Adress Rafael Pérez del Puerto esq. Zelmar Michelini