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Punta del Este has few museums, however they are all very interesting and appealing for the tourists.

From invaluable pre-columbian, native and colonial art collection, to the most important latin american contemporary art collection in the world.

Among the first, you can find the Museo de Arte Americano and the Museo Regional Francisco Mazzoni, both in Maldonado, or the Museo Histórico Regional in the city of San Carlos.

Referring to contemporary arte, the most important museums are the Museo Nicolás García Uriburu from the capitol city and the Museo Ralli, located in the residential neighbourhood of Beverly Hills, and last but not least Casapueblo, an icon of art in Punta Ballena.

There are also historical places like the Cuartel de Dragones de Maldonado or La Azotea de Haedo (old house of Eduardo Víctor Haedo, former president of Uruguay) that have been added to Punta del Este's museums circuit.

The Museo del Mar in La Barra must also be mentioned, devoted entirely to the sea world.

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Las Cumbres

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***** | Punta Ballena

It is said that the desire of achieving a great work is the desire of being in the proper time and place, is the originality combined with the inheritance mark and the...

Modern property in Montoya.

FOR RENT | Modern property in Montoya.


Modern property in Montoya with ample large windows, green spaces, good barbecue and sea view from the first floor.

January USD 14.000 February USD 7.600 

92 hectares land in departamento Colonia.

FOR SALE | 92 hectares land in departamento Colonia.

92 hectares mix farm for sale in Nueva Helvecia, well fenced, eucalyptus mount in...

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C.E.E.I. Colegio Espacio Educativo Integral

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C.E.E.I. Colegio Espacio Educativo Integral


Colegio Integrador Incorporamos Secundaria en 2014! Maternal Nivel Inicial: desde...

Maxi Peugeot

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Maxi Peugeot

Punta del Este

Servicio Oficial Peugeot para Punta del Este y Maldonado. Único representante Continental en Punta...

Dr. Diego Gastón Quadri Rodríguez

Profesionales | Abogados

Dr. Diego Gastón Quadri Rodríguez

Punta del Este

Doctor en Derecho y Ciencias Sociales. Egresado de la Universidad de la República. ...


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